Sunday, December 28, 2008

Truce or Dare?

I have one question to 'Hamas': Why are you using innocent civilians (children and women) as shields to your idiotic rockets attacks while hiding in exile sipping hot tea and preaching violence?
I'm sure that Hamas's views on the conflict are way different than the poor Palestinians who want peace and a descent stable life. I mean why urge another Intifada when the previous two were a shameful failure? People repeat success and not defeat Mr. Mashal!

Israel does what Israel does best, Provoke! I mean the message is clear to everybody, the Israeli government wanted to draw a closer picture of Hamas as "terrorists" in the eyes of the new world leadership under the president-elect Obama and it succeeded indeed. Thus, bravo Israel for another slick calculated strike. I wish I had this perfect timing in life! Some might call this attack as retaliation, and some may call it not fair. Hamas strikes and shoots blinks, Israel strikes back and kills 300 people. Hmmm, tick tock my friends...This shows how ready and prepared the Israeli Army is. Hell, with this amount of readiness it can whip out the whole region in few lousy hours.

However, Palestine and Hamas are two different things and we need to clear that up. Hamas has done nothing but shed more blood of the innocents! And as I mentioned before, Mr. Mashal why don't you bring your ass to the battle ground and do something instead of commanding dumb tactics and promising victory in a war where there is no winner or loser rather than just losers. And guess who pays the price, people like me and you who want nothing in life but a descent average living.
We are at last human beings, and if this bloodshed doesn't shiver you or roll your eyes for at least one second, then something is really wrong with your ass! In my opinion, the "X" leaders in the Middle East are politically corrupt and are doomed to fail viciously because simply they are not working to resolve, reconcile, or bring peace to the region. Instead, everyone is fighting to top the US #1 allies list. Those so-called leaders continuously spend all their energy (money, power,...etc) and efforts on less important aspects of the conflict. Whereas, Israel had managed to build a strong economy and a country that looks like some great civilized modern world in a span of a shot period of time. Why? Because their mindset is different and they know where to eat the shoulder (Moroccan proverb: kay3erfo men katkal lektef). And why is that? Because simply they DO NOT leave their fellow compatriots behind when the stakes are high! Arabs are the prisoners of their own mindset!

Some of us may argue the historical events that have led up to today's picture. One group may think that the reason things are so fucked up today is because in 1948 Palestine refused the offer of Israel to live pecefully side by side and build an infrastructure together, with both sides benefitting equally (remember Hassan II suggested plan to give Israelis shelter and keep the rest, Alah yrehmek). The other group may argue that the biggest mistake of all time was relocating the Jews to Palestine after World War II. Meaning, why not specify the exact parameters where Jews are ought to live in Palestine?

Brief, politics is a mean bitch and I hope this piece hasn't offended anyone because at the end of the day we are here to discuss this religious and socio-political turmoil and not to encourage unbiased judgments, bigotry, and hatred. A new approach is needed or the results will always be an endless cycle of violence and woe. The status quo simply hasn't and won't work.

Yours Truly,
Nouaman Khaimi

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