Friday, December 12, 2008

Morocco and Obama: The hour of Truth!

When we mention Obama and Morocco in the same sentence people raise their eyebrows looking to connect the dots between Obama's win and Morocco's pending score! As proud citizens, Morocco's unity is priority number one and thus, we defend our honor, freedom, and pride with the same passion and enthusiasm our grandfathers and fathers did in the past. Let's keep it real for a minute, on a greater scale Obama's victory was historical and unprecedented since the world power is shifting gears under a new promising leadership. On the other hand, Morocco's main concern is the Moroccan Western Sahara and Obama's victory stands neutral if not on the wrong side of the equation.

Nations like our kingdom live under the wings of uncle Sam, while others rot under the boots of his jarheads all over war zones. Historically, republicans have served in favor of Morocco and McCain himself was the former president of the Committee of Moroccan-American Friendship. Also, Democrats have always been on the side of minorities. But this case is different, I hope, because when we add Hillary as the Secretary of the State to the plate then we see hope and promise since she might be a factor and put an end to this mockery. There is a complication though, Obama is Mandela's BFF and the latter is the freaking world icon for the liberation of minorities and a defender of 'Polizario's' cause for separation! Well, I'm not saying that Obama will be listening to 'wrinkles' but this whole 'bromance' may tip the balance. 
However, I did support Obama's candidacy and cause thinking that if he was not to win, things will become catastrophic for everyone. But above all, my priority is the future of Morocco and its unity and I could careless about the rest.

But here is the drill: let's restore our diplomatic relations with Israel FIRST and the rest will follow smoothly. After all, it's a dirty game and if we don't wanna get our hands dirty then %&@$ I'm not gonna say it!!

Yours Truly,
Nouaman Khaimi

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