Friday, December 12, 2008

O' Morocco! Abass Al-Fassi as PM!

When our silly moroccan government pulled its ambassador out of Dakar this week in a protest at comments made about Western Sahara by a Senegalese opposition party, Senegal reacted as well and recalled its ambassador from Morocco "for consultations" in a dispute over the disputed Western Sahara, and while waiting clarification from our "mkelkhen del 7okouma"!!
Thus, as we can clearly see the recall of Morocco's ambassador to Senegal was an unfriendly gesture to the Senegalese people as they protested and were disapointed at morocco's decision.
When an opposition party backs separatists and insurgents in another country for god knows what reasons, the parties involved react diplomatically by ignoring these kind of foolish outrageous comments made by the oppositon party in order to rotten their relationships. However, "syadna fel 7okoma jatom nefss" and they automatically withdrew the moroccan ambassador in Dakar and this is a dumb move to do in this given circumstance. 
Are we ever gonna learn from our past experiences? Are we ever gonna stop "ne3mlo chan" recognizing and praising every shity powerless third world country. Well, look what is happening now! Everyone wants a piece of us "الا طاحت الضحية تايكترو الجناوة". Now we are the d7iya :( So who's next? Mauritania? or another separatist movement within Morocco? 
There will never be peace with "PoliFuckinZero"! We can't just sit and wait for the U.N to wipe our asses everytime we get punked and boot shook by these failthy beings non showering sand monkey ugly towel headed disgusting sons of bitches!!!!!!!!
This is a fucking wake up call to us! True Moroccans who do care and feel a change is a MUST and not a desire! 
What a bad way to end a year for a nation! Huh, don't you think that the new goverment is cursed or maybe jinxed!! But we can only blame ourselves, we agreed on choosing that goverment and we have to live with it. No excuse! Now, we have to live with this sin and shameful deed we brought ourselves :( Voting for a former thief is truly unacceptable morally, ethically and conciousless!
Today Morocco is nothing but a rotten disease that had been patched and over patched for the past century! Morocco doent need anymore patches or painkillers! We need to clean up the pipes "bedlolih zit miskin" "videnge" :( And Enough is Enough!
Yes, our King has made the right decision by appointing a PM from the winning party but the choice of Senor Abbas Al-fassi brought back some bitter memories. Therefore, our worst nightmare took place and it's a dream come thru and the story of "Mass3oud lidema bena7ss maw3oud" continues! Moroccans were hoping to see the current transportation minister, Ghellab, or Tourism minister, Adil Diouri, as the new PM given their achievements at their respective ministries, in addition to their relative young age and their short history of mingling in the largely mistrusted Moroccan political sphere.
Abbas al-Fassi is more known for the infamous "Annajat" fictious employment contract than for any achievemnt in his previous governmental appointments. Few years ago,He was in charge of managing a large contract with an Emirati Cruise ship, where more than 34000 young Moroccans applied and paid more than 1000 Dirhams for medical tests and miscellaneous fees before the company vanished from the face of the earth. Several disillusioned young men committed suicide and Abbas al-Fassi refused to resign or even apologize for the failing operation. Since then, he has been constantly under the mercy of independent press criticism.
My final message is for our Prime Minister Mr. Abbas Alfassi. For our sake and the sake of our nation and freedom, Please try to understand that you are an incompetent man and not the man for the job. Step down and let a deserving righteous person to take this job! I know it's hard for you to accepte failure but it's a FACT my friend. You FAILED us before even starting and god knows what's next! 
I feel sad because we are going down the drain by sitting back and watching, we gotta stop this political unawareness and come up with a realistic positive RESOLUTION for '08!

Yours Truly,
Nouaman Khaimi

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