Friday, December 12, 2008

Denmark's Reality Check!

Today I appreciated what patriotism is all about. I kept on seeing signs of unity and devotion to the nation from the US standpoint after the terrorists’ attacks for the past seven years. At first, I sensed a bit of an overreaction but as the time spanned I realized that having that sense of belonging and sticking with one another through thin and thick is all it matters. It’s priceless! 
Thus, I would like to talk about the recent development in Morocco’s conflict with a rebel movement called ‘Polizario’ that I choose to call ‘Polizero’. This article that I read attacked Morocco for standing strong defending its territory. The article goes on and on about how the Moroccan government is symbolized as a Police State. Hell, if someone breaks into your house and claims that the kitchen is his/her right to use because they felt like it. What would anyone do in such a scenario? Personally, I will first grab my shotgun and fire a couple of times then start talking and asking why my kitchen exactly. A rational person will call the authorities, file a report, go to court for a hearing, identify the suspect through unpleasant looking mug shots, and then maybe get justice after a couple of years of going back and forth and spending all the children college funds savings with lawyers. Brief, this was a metaphor to illustrate my point about ‘Polizero’ claiming the Moroccan Sahara as their motherland and hence they have all the right to separate it from Morocco. They are backed by Algeria that is sadly morocco’s neighbor to the east, which I wished Israel was next to us rather than identity less Algerians. At least Israel built a security belt for Morocco against any border jumping terrorists.

Basically, I find it funny that the rebel leaders reside in Scandinavia or Scankanivia and mainly Denmark. They left their so-called compatriots living in sand and eating dirt while they are sucking all the monetary funds injected by Denmark and Algeria. First I would like to start with Denmark and its firm stand against Morocco and its territorial unity. The last time I checked, Denmark was a socialist hellhole and no fairytale that everyone is describing and fantasizing about. People there basically wake up in the morning, go to work, and do the same thing day in and day out. However, there’s a reason why people call the Danes one of the happiest people on earth. Sadly, people have no expectations whatsoever since everything is already mediocre today then why should it be any different tomorrow?  The Prozac popping citizens of this country make everything seem happy and all hunky dory to the outside world while the inside is rotten and awfully pitiful. Over a half million of people in Denmark are registered as "patients" in the system and the country has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. The sad thing is that this is out of a population of 5,5 million people., which is 1 out of every 11 belongs in a nutshack. And that does not even count half of the people who use drugs and drink their brains out every week. And I don’t want to tackle other social issues such as Scankkinvia's gay porn loving citizens. So, Denmark: Back-off! And mind your own business and make sure you keep running free cable, internet, and curfew for convicts and criminals in your penitentiaries. Way to go, very classy!

Anyways, I stand strong and firmly against any intruders and I’m glad I learned the North American way and it really does make sense. No sympathy with terrorists and people who conspire and threaten one’s country and people. Second, the rebel leader and his idiotic followers are living the good life while Sahrawis are suffering because simply they are not allowed to leave their tents. But I’m glad to hear that from now and then, there is a group who escape to Morocco for a fair share in life and a descent living that any human being deserve. Morocco has been bending its back for the past thirty years obeying the UN regulations and so-called negotiations. Who negotiates with terrorists? Apparently, my naïve modest government, being a country in development can’t pull any strings, is trying to peacefully reach a solution to the conflict. Quick solution to this issue, Call out all the kids and women and send two Moroccan fire jets and clean out everybody in 30 minutes or less. Thirty years of negotiations had simply led to nothing!

Yours Truly,
Nouaman Khaimi


  1. As much as I agree with you about this particular event (separating the Sahara from Morocco would be a rather idiotic thing to do), I disagree with the patriotism part. The structural integrity of a country is less important, in my opinion, than the well-being of its society.

    But as I said before, I also think that separating areas from their "mother-countries" is counter productive.

  2. I agree with you Stephane. However, stability starts off with securing the country first from intruders, thus, by raising citizens awareness to engage in pure patriotism that eventually leads to their well-being. This has been going on for more than 30 years now and we are starting to sleep on the subject giving the fact that the issue is being in good hands(UN)!!