Friday, December 19, 2008

Polisario pooping their pants!

Morocco has decided to devote part of its budget for the acquisition of 140 "M60-A1" American battle tanks to secure its army and the country's territory from any surprises from the terrorist front Polisario. The latter has accused the Moroccan government for not having a good faith in keeping the ongoing negotiations, which had been going on for more than 30 years and led to nothing but more dead-ends. It's time to realize that nobody negotiates with a self-proclaimed terrorist front that is backed by a champion of conspiracy, envy, and terrorism: Algeria. The Algerian government which is made of thuggish generals and army personnel has a delusional dream about extending Algeria's borders to the Atlantic ocean to benefit from the coast and oil.
Morocco has been asking for a political solution within Moroccan sovereignty for decades now and it's realizing now that Polisario is putting burdens along the way with Algeria's shameful support for destabilizing Morocco. It's our money and our budget and we can buy whatever we want to protect the country and its beloved citizens. If Morocco's attention were sleazy and tended for military attack the rebel movement, it would have done it a long time ago given the fact it will take us a couple of hours to clean out the whole area. However, Morocco personifies democracy and obeys international law and the UN negotiations. Thus, if in case things are to escalate we will be at least ready to defend our land and I'll be the first to stand on the front line gashing whoever comes close to my country.
I don't really see any other alternative to this issue other than a military intervention by the Moroccan army. Algeria and its puppets have been asking for it and provoking Morocco to engage in a confrontation for a long time. And as I said before lobbying for our cause, Morocco's choice to reinforce its military is about time and let's hope the few months will reveal a peaceful resolution to this dilemma that has put innocent lives in Algeria's camps and tortured tons more! Shame on you Algeria, Shame on you, and Shame on you!!

Yours Truly,
Nouaman Khaimi

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