Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The $500 Billion Shoe!

Pride comes in different types and shapes. Some people see pride as self-worth, honor, recognition or even as strength. Others are proud of their culture, heritage, or even beliefs. Pride can stretch indefinitely and become a complex event that leads to complex results. Hisotrically, Iraq was a land of intense battles that exemplified religious clashes throughout various civilizations and empires. In 5300 BC, Sumerians (Southern Iraq) had to battle Elamites (Western Iran) to conquer one another and this frontier has been fought over repeatedly ever since; it's arguably the most fought over frontier in the world. Brief, the Akkadians took over in 2340 BC then the Babylonias in 1750 BC, and the Assyrians in 800 BC. And after the Persian domination during the 6th century, the Arab conquest under the Islamic Empire in 636 took over the region in the great battle of Al-Qadisia. 
In essence, the US occupation of Iraq is not suprising or new to us since history has proven that the region was made for battles. However, the destiny of Iraq was meant for FAIR battles and strong motives to conquer or be conquered. Thus, this second gulf war gave birth to a new hero who spent $20 on a Made in China shoe to even up the war and restore Iraqis pride with a pair of shoe. Throwing a shoe at someone is an insult in any culture and not just in the Arab World. And I'm surprised why Americas are not outraged and furious because after all Bush represents the US and tossing those shoes was a blatant act of disrespect not just to him but to the country. But again, Americans respect was lost a while back when the whole world realized that Bush is just a tyrant dictator who abused his power in one of the most ironic democratic governments.
The US was once the envy of the whole world with its mighty economy, social idealism, and a pool of endless world of oppotunities. The past 8 years has been disasterous and one can only pray for Obama to take over and end this mockery. The Bush administration personifies a gourp of helpless wrecked souls who are full of guilt and shame after their world breaking records of lies and broken promises. Bush has managed to ruin the world by himself. Hell, If a dumb redneck can accomplish these enormous results maybe it's time to wake up and realize that unless we as humans first and world citizens stand against bigotry, hate, religious intolerance, and bias propogandas there will never be change and one man realized that a humiliating shoe is enough of a message to the horrible US leadership in the world.
To conclude, this shoe has cost the US army $500 BILLION as cost of the war! How ridiculous this may sound? If you break it down, you will be looking at these figures: $4,988 per Iraqi. This is triple Iraq's per-person GDP. It's like spending $121,000 per person in the US. 
Well, one Iraqi journalist did what no American ever came close. What a nice way to give Bush a well deserved 'goodbye kiss'.

Yours Truly,
Nouaman Khaimi

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