Friday, December 12, 2008

Leadership and Change

Change is a constant variable. This sentence does not make any sense because a constant can’t be a variable and vice versa. To illustrate more my point, I would like to speak of change as a way of life and something that we have to face constantly and yet differently. This semester has been a rollercoaster for me since I arrived to my lectures late and in a downbeat mood since my grandfather passed away and a rainstorm buried my hometown about two weeks ago. I think the fact that we have to talk about change means that we can basically talk about anything happening around us since everything can be linked to a change event. Hence, my personal intake is to plan and enforce change within my inner world of complexity and yet austerity.
The difference between the events is the extent of planning that goes into it.
For instance, the presidential election south of the borders exemplifies Obama’s acute tuned plan versus McCain’s desperate and ‘sleazy’ campaign, but isn’t this part of the game? However, both candidates have prepared long enough for this moment and their plans are paying off for both even if the outcomes can be different and not pleasant for one party or another. If there is a positive element of change, a champion who leads change towards its intended goals, people’s conception will change as well and eventually they will see convincing reasons to change and become what I like to call ‘instinct followers’. Being part of change is crucial to many of us nowadays, simply because there is this inner fear of doubt and skepticism within humans that makes each and every one of us think twice before engaging in any sort of transformation. Personally, I found that change is obligatory for anyone or even for anything to progress in today’s fast paced moving world. Hence, coping with change becomes a necessity and ‘leaders’ ought to understand and impose change in a gradually steady manner in order to make any type of change last or at least prolongs long enough to achieve its projected goals.

Change starts with a vision. Change communicates a vision. Change inspires a vision.

Yours Truly,
Nouaman Khaimi

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